• Features Bullguard premium protection 2021

    Many features have been added to the 2021 version of BullGuard premium protection software such as an advanced firewall, parental control, and also many more.

  • What features have been included in Bullguard premium protection 2021?

    As the whole world has been entering the New Year that is 2021 so along with the New Year there are also many more other new things that are getting added to various aspects of our lives and IT over the years has become one of the most important parts of everyone’s life and the world of information technology has been developing continuously and as a result, all the products associated with the world of technology are also becoming advanced with each passing day. In order to use all the technical products very efficiently, it is very much necessary to remain properly updated regarding the new additions into them. So, here we will focus on the new features that have been added to the Bullguard premium protection 2021. Here each of the new features will be discussed and described well in detail just in order to provide the user with a better understanding of the software.


    The list of the newly added features in Bullguard premium protection 2021 goes as follows:

    • Advanced Machine Learning: The Bullguard premium protection version of the software already had the feature of machine learning added to it but as the world enters the year 2021 Bullguard is here with an improved version of the Bullguard premium protection where the feature of machine learning has been provided with more enhancement and improvement.
    • Various Protective Layers:  The new and the latest 2021 version of the software comes with more layers of protection so through these more and the advanced layers of protection it becomes even easier for the Bullguard premium protection users to keep their computers and devices safe from any sort of malware attack.
    • Identity Protection:  As this new feature of identity protection has been added to the Bullguard premium protection 2021, for the user it has now become very easy to keep the identity protected along with that the physical devices can also be kept under protection very easily.
    • Home Network Monitor: The home network monitor feature of the software allows the user to keep an eye on the network of every device. Whenever a new device is connected to the software the network of that device goes through a proper deep scan.
    • Secure Browser: In the Bullguard premium protection 2021 the experiences of browsing have also become safe and secure for the user it is so as, now there has been a secure browser feature added to the software. Through this feature, the user can browse over the internet with all the online safety and security.
    • Game Booster:  The feature of the game booster that is already there in the software has been provided with more improvement and thus the feature allows the people with better support for all the important online games. The gaming experience would now become more enjoyable for users.
    • Vulnerability Scanner:  This particular scanner feature protects the computer and the devices from malicious software and also programs that can really be harmful to the safety and security of the data stored in the system and also those programs are well capable of hampering the functioning of the computer or the device.
    • Fast Performer: The Bullguard premium protection version 2021 has been improved further in terms of its response speed and thus it is now faster in its functioning as compared to its other competitors.
    • Improved Firewall: With every update in the security software like Bullguard the firewall of the software is always provided with more improvement and more advancement as mainly it is the firewall of any security providing software that leaves an impact on its performance.
    • Parental Control: The parental control feature of the software has also got itself improved and thus the workings of the feature have become easy, more advanced, and also the security has increased.

    If other than all the information that has been provided here if you still need to know anything more regarding the new developments in the software then in that case you should get in touch with the experts at BullGuard Customer Service Number UK.

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