BullGuard Has Restricted Downloading The New Application: What To Do

BullGuard Has Restricted Downloading

BullGuard antivirus takes care of your devices and hence one can prefer this security software for the device’s comprehensive protection. This security software has all those features that will keep your device completely safe and secure. BullGuard antivirus keeps you safe against malware-infected emails, applications, or websites as well.

This is the reason why BullGuard restricts downloading new applications. There are some applications that are designed by malware to access your personal or private details and then, ask for money to keep them safe and secure. In case, if BullGuard is not allowing you to install apps then, we are here with a few steps which you have to follow to fix the issue immediately.

BullGuard has restricted downloading the new application: What to do

Fixings for BullGuard has restricted downloading new applications

If you think that BullGuard is behind the installation restriction of new applications then, you will need to apply a few steps to fix this error. There might be an issue that your programs haven’t the correct exclusion. To ensure the program's appropriate exclusion, follow the steps.

Possibility after installing the infected application

In case, if you have installed an infected application then, there might be a chance that your device will get infected with malware or virus, and hence it will start performing very slowly. Also, your personal and valuable stuff will get compromised.

Quick Way to Ensure Programs Have Appropriate Exclusion

• First of all, open BullGuard by using the icon from the desktop or by going to Programs and BullGuard

• Then, click on the Settings from the top and after that, click on the Advanced from the top

• After that, click on Antivirus from the left and then, disable it on a temporary basis

• Click on the BullGuard logo that appears at the top to get back to the main screen

• Now, click on the three-dots option that appears from the Antivirus box and select Quarantine

• After that, check the box that appears next to the file and press the Restore button

• Click on the Settings button on the top again and choose Antivirus again and then, choose Tuning appears under it

• After that, check the box for “Skip files/folders” and click on “File/Folders”

• Now, you have to click on the + option and add the folder the programs appear is in (but also any ProgramData and AppData folders the application might be using)

• Check the box for “Skip specifically processed” and click on “Processes” and click on the + icon to add the executable files of your program

• Now, turn the Antivirus back on

If the real-time engine will leave the program alone and the behavior of the program will start triggering the alerts in case of skipping the second last step

The appropriate approach would be to click on “Report false positive” when you know for a fact that the program you are running is safe

Follow the above-given steps to fix the issue and make it possible to install new apps. But before allowing the restricted apps, make sure that these apps might contain malware or threats that will infect your device and make your personal things vulnerable. In case, if you think that your device is infected with malware or virus, then call on BullGuard Help Care Number UK as soon as possible to get connected with the technical experts.

You can do one thing after installing such types of applications. Conduct a complete malware scan of your device to ensure if there is any malware or virus existence. BullGuard antivirus comes with a scanning feature that will scan your device for such infections. After scanning your device thoroughly, it will detect and remove/quarantine the infection and then, alert you about that. Never forget to run a malware scanner because it will keep your device completely safe and secure even after installing such an application.

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