BullGuard has been serving in the world of information technology for more than 10 years now and therefore it is considered in the market as the most trustworthy brand that has been working towards the safety and security of the computers and the device for a very long time.

The software program has always been very easy for the people to use all the features associated with the user interface are all very easy to be used and also for the understanding of the people, so as a result of this BullGuard is very popular among the people, the users have always found BullGuard being very easy for the people to install on the system also the process of activation has been easy for the people, but still as there are technicalities involved with the workings of the software program therefore at certain points the users may get stuck with the certain procedure or with some sort of technical glitch. Here in the guide, we will see the process to stop BullGuard from blocking files.

How can I stop BullGuard from blocking files?

If BullGuard is blocking a file on the system then that means that the software program is suspicious about that particular file and therefore, it does not want the user to open that as opening that file may be harmful to the users and for their systems and devices as well, and by opening the file the people may provide entry to harmful elements in the computer.

But still, if the user trusts that particular file or folder enough to open it without the permission of the software program then in that case there is a procedure that can be applied.

• The user should go to “settings”

• From the top right corner should click on “advanced”

• Next, in the menu on the left side, the user should click the option “antivirus”

• The antivirus software will then be turned off

• Next, the user should move to quarantine from there the file should be restored

• Again the user should go back to settings there should click “antivirus” after that should click on “skip files and folders”

• In the next step, the user should click on “files and folders” and further should click on the “add icon”

• Once the whole process is done the user an again turn on the software program

It is very much necessary for the user to turn on the antivirus program; if the user will not do that then it will really be very harmful to the system.

If the user still gets stuck with the procedure even after reading it here and applying it accordingly then, in that case, the user should ask the help of the experts they can be reached for the required help at BullGuard support number in UK., also the option of live chars and Emails is open for the users all the time there is no such issue related to the software program that the experts may fail to resolve, also there is no such procedure related to the program for which the experts may fail to guide the users in the right manner. Also, as long as the fixing is in the hands of the experts the users can be very sure of accurate fixings that too instantly for all the problems that the users may get to face while using BullGuard.

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